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Chapter 2

Silverpaw lifted her head up to find herself in the middle of the woods; she sniffed and could not pick up a single scent. Then this sweet scent filled her nostrils and she looked in the direction that it was coming from, to find this strong muscled tom standing there.

"Who are you? Where am I?" Silverpaw asked.

"You are in Starclan's hunting ground. I brought you here to welcome you to my clan. Well now Brightstar's, but I have a prophecy for you to give to Mudpelt." said the strange tom.

"Prophecy?" asked Silverpaw.

"Yes, now listen. Before I tell you what it is tell Mudpelt that Mousestar visited you in your dream and he will listen to my prophecy next time we meet." finished Mousestar before fading into the night.

"Wait! Tell me more!" she shouted, then the scent finally vanished. Then she felt a paw prodding her in the side. She lifted her head and saw Graypaw. "What's going on? Is Spiderpelt alright?"

"He is fine, but Stormkit is ready to become an apprentice and you can't be sleeping in like that!" explained Graypaw.

"Alright, I am coming." Silverpaw said while shaking away her tiredness and putting her dream to the back of her mind. "

"Clan cats that are old enough to catch their own prey, gather under the highstone for a clan meeting." yowled Brightstar. "We have a new apprentice today. Stormkit is old enough to be an apprentice." Then she beckoned Stormkit forward. "Stormkit, will you uphold and stay to the warrior code? Will you protect your clan even at the cost of your life?"

"I will." said Stormkit.

"Good, I say this in front of Starclan, Stormkit until you get your warrior name you will be known as Stormpaw." Brightstar jumped down.

"Stormpaw!" chanted the clan. Silverpaw joined into the chanting, it was really nice to experience a ceremony. Dawnflower stood near Stormpaw and looked proudly at her son.

"Now Mistypelt step forward. It is time for you to have an apprentice. Stormpaw from now on Mistypelt will be your mentor. Stormpaw touched noses with his mentor and everyone started to cheer for him and his mentor. "Now go back to your duties."

"Wow! I am finally an apprentice!" meowed Stormpaw excitedly. He looked around for his father, Spiderpelt. He spotted him trying to escape from Mudpelt and come over to him. Stormpaw ran over to Spiderpelt, "I wish you could have been my mentor Spiderpelt."

Silverpaw stopped listening to Stormpaw and started to head over to the Highstone to talk to Brightstar. "Can I have a word with you Brightstar? I need Mudpelt and Spottedpaw to come too." Brightstar nodded.

"Sure. Go get them and I will be waiting in my den." Brightstar told her. Silverpaw bounded over to Mudpelt. "Will you and Spottedpaw come with me to the leader's den?"

"Yes, is it important?" asked Mudpelt.

"Yes, you will find out when we get there." Silverpaw told him. Silverpaw headed to the leader's den and was trailed by the medicine cat and his apprentice. Yes I finally can tell him of my dream with Mousestar! Though Brightstar will be there. Silverpaw went over to the mouth of the den and asked "May I come in now?"

"Yes, come in." Brightstar said and beckoned all the cats to lay around Silverpaw. "Now tell me what you want to say."

"Well when I went to bed last night I had a strange dream." Silverpaw started with her breath caught in her throat.

Brightstar's eyes opened wide with concern and she looked at Mudpelt, but he showed no emotion. "What kind of dream?"

"I was in the middle of the woods and there was not a trace of any prey scent. Then this sweet scent came around me and then this tom came out of nowhere." Silverpaw explained.

"A tom?" asked Mudpelt, now looking curious.

Silverpaw nodded "He had broad shoulders. I asked him who he was and where I was."

Brightstar interrupted, "Mudpelt, could it be?"

"I don't know. Let her finish." Mudpelt said. "Continue."

"Before he will tell me what it is, he told me to tell Mudpelt that Mousestar visited me in my dream. I yelled for him to wait, I wanted to know more. Then his scent vanished." Silverpaw finished. "Who is Mousestar anyways?"

"He was the leader of Thunderclan before me. He is the father of Graypaw, Firepaw, and Spottedpaw. Their mother was Springpelt. She died with the leader. They saved the clan by sacrificing their own lives. It was the only thing to do. We were hunted by a pack of dogs." explained Brightstar.

"I could have saved Springpelt, but she wanted to stay with Mousestar. So she had me give her a deathberry." Mudpelt added sadly, "I don't want to use a deathberry ever again."

"Wow is that why Graypaw is sad?" asked Silverpaw.

"Yes. Firepaw, when he found out that his parents where dead he didn't seem to care much about anything." Spottedpaw added. "I have never seen Graypaw so close to anyone."The leader broke into a purr "That is true. He always worries about you."

"When we go to the Silverpool tomorrow, I will try to talk to Mousestar. I need to know why he wouldn't tell me, he went to a kittypet instead. Let's get our sleep for tomorrow's journey to the Silverpool." Mudpelt said.

"I am coming with you, I need to talk to Starclan about Silverpaw. I need to make sure they have allowed her to stay in a clan. I will bring Silverpaw with me. So she will also go talk with Starclan. Mousestar might talk to her there." Brightstar told Mudpelt.

"But if she is not there Mousestar will tell Mudpelt, so leave her here. She is neither a medicine cat nor a leader. The Silverpool is for only leaders and medicine cats." Spottedpaw growled.

"Spottedpaw you do not control what the leader does." Mudpelt said in a hiss.

"Silverpaw I want you to have your mentor take you out hunting and take you around our border, so you can do your apprentice duties and then go straight to bed. Now go." Brightstar said before dismissing her.

Wow I get to go to the Silverpool. Well I guess that's where I can talk to Mousestar again. "Hey Lionclaw, Brightstar wants you to take me hunting and around the territory. Also we are going to the Silverpool tomorrow with the medicine cats."

"What!" hissed Foxfur when he overheard the conversation. "Only leaders and medicine cat may go there!"

"If that's what the leader said then don't fight about it Foxfur." Lionclaw told him in a calm tone. Foxfur turned away and stomped into the warriors den. "He will get over it. Now go and see if Stormpaw can join us. So go and hurry."

Silverpaw hurried over to the medicine den and poked her head in. She saw Spottedpaw putting ointment onto Spiderpelt. "Is Stormpaw here?"

"No, but he is in the apprentices den, is Lionclaw going to take him out?" Spiderpelt said with a glimmer of amusement in his eyes.

"Let's go Silverpaw!" Lionclaw yowled.

"Coming!" Silverpaw said before dipping her head and leaving the medicine den. Then she bounded over to Lionclaw. "He is in the apprentices den. Do you want me to fetch him?"

Lionclaw said "No, go find Mistypelt and tell her we are heading out and ask if she wants to join us."

Silverpaw headed over to the warriors den and saw Mistypelt climbing out of her nest. "Lionclaw wants to know if you want to join us, he is taking me out to explore the territory and to hunt."

"Uh, tell him I said I am on my way." stammered Mistypelt. Mistypelt got up and headed over to Stormpaw and said something and his eyes went bright with excitement. She turned away and headed back to Lionclaw.

"She said she is coming." as Silverpaw finished Mistypelt and Stormpaw walked up to them.

"Alright let's go." Lionclaw said with a wave of his tail. They headed out of camp and came to this very tall tree. "This is an old pine tree; it's been here since the beginning of the clans." Silverpaw couldn't believe how old this tree must be. Stormpaw's jaw dropped in amazement also. Then they headed farther into the territory with a road then moorland across from it. "This is Windclan's border. You never cross it. Unless we have permission.

Silverpaw sniffed the border and it smelled stale. Then this fresh scent hit her scent glands. "Windclan! Get down!" hissed Lionclaw.

"What are you doing so close to our territory Lionclaw?" sneered a black tom.

"I am not in your territory Blackfang. I came to show my apprentice and Mistypelt's apprentice our territory." Lionclaw said calmly.

"One of them looks like a kittypet!" sneered a Windclan apprentice.

Be quiet Lilypaw!" hissed Ashfur. Lilypaw snickered and mumbled under her breathe and got a warning glance from Blackfang, but Silverpaw didn't hear what Lilypaw mumbled. "Good you showed them our border. Now get away from it!" hissed Ashfur.

"Now settle down, we were just planning on showing them the border and nothing else." Lionclaw gave the Windclan warrior a warning glance. Ashfur's fur started to bristle and then she leaped at Lionclaw. "Silverpaw go get help!" hissed Lionclaw. Silverpaw froze and couldn't move she couldn't believe what she was seeing. "Now!" repeated Lionclaw. Lilypaw leaped at Silverpaw, but Silverpaw evaded it and ran for the camp. Lilypaw was hot on her heels. Silverpaw turned tail and continued to head for the camp. Silverpaw burst threw the gorse tunnel and halted, the cats in the clearing started to bristle and Lilypaw fell into the camp and stood a couple tail-lengths away. Silverpaw noticed she had a frightened look on her face. Fear-scent was coming off her in waves.

"What's going on!" yowled Brightstar, she was standing next to the nursery. "Why is there a Windclan cat here?" she said accusingly at Silverpaw.

"She chased me and I had to come. Lionclaw and the others are being attacked by two of their warriors and this apprentice chased me all the way here." Silverpaw said quickly. Brightstar's eyes looked worried.

"Hurry! Let's go and help them! Icetail and Foxfur! Come with me!" Brightstar said before disappearing threw the gorse tunnel. "Silverpaw let's go!" Silverpaw chased after Brightstar with Icetail and Foxfur beside her. When they reached the battle one of the Windclan cats was fleeing and Blackfang stayed and when he saw Brightstar and her patrol with the Windclan apprentice she grabbed Lionclaw by the throat with his jaws and bit hard and Lionclaw's body went limp, blood was oozing out of the gap in Lionclaw's throat. "No!" Brightstar hissed. Then she turned on Lilypaw "Get out!" Lilypaw hesitated and then fled, with Blackfang two-tail lengths ahead.

"Lionclaw… why was it you we lost." Icetail said with his head bowed. Foxfur, Stormpaw, and Mistypelt gathered around Lionclaw's body, while Brightstar stayed back with anger in her eyes.

Brightstar turned up on Silverpaw and said. "This is your fault! If you didn't run with your tail between you legs and come back to the camp Lionclaw would still be here! Why don't you just go back to your twolegs!"

Silverpaw's eyes grew wide with worry and said. "But I only did what he told me to…"

"Be quiet! I don't want to hear it!" Brightstar demanded.

"No, Silverpaw is right, we always teach our apprentices to do what they are told and Silverpaw did that. Lionclaw sent her to camp to get help. If she stayed then he wouldn't of have had help and everyone here would have been seriously wounded." reasoned Foxfur. "Now don't punish her for what Windclan did to him." he added in a growl and stood over Lionclaw's limp body.

Brightstar's gaze started to relax and she gazed at Lionclaw and said "Icetail, you and Foxfur carry Lionclaw into the camp so we can share tongues with him one last time. Stormpaw and Mistypelt go and see Mudpelt." They nodded and ran off to camp. Icetail and Foxfur took their position next to Lionclaw and started to drag him back to camp.
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