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Chapter 3

"Foxfur tomorrow give Blackpaw an assessment. If he passes he will become a warrior. He is ready to be a warrior of Thunderclan. Also after what happened today it will help cheer up the clan."

"Yes Brightstar." Foxfur said through a mouthful of Lionclaw's fur.

By the time they got back to camp it was late. Brightstar headed straight to the Highstone and leaped up on top. "Clan cats that are old enough to catch their own prey gather under the highstone for a clan meeting." Cats started to gather under the highstone. "Now we have lost a warrior to windclan. Blackfang has slaughtered Lionclaw" Brightstar started with a shiver

"Why was it Lionclaw..." asked Graypaw. "He was the bravest cat we had. I hate Windclan for what they have done!"

Icetail gave a cold glare at Graypaw. "Let the leader finish."

"Now tomorrow will be a busy day. So today we will finish by sharing tongues with Lionclaw." She jumped down and went over to Blackpaw. "Tomorrow you have an assessment. I want to see if you are ready to become a warrior of Thunderclan."

"Finally!" he said with pride shining off of him in waves. "I will do my best. I promise."

"You better" teased his mother Brownfur. "I want you to be the best you can be."

"Yes, I am glad I was able to mentor you Blackpaw." Foxfur said proudly.

"Now you all know the medicine cats, Silverpaw, and I are going to the silverpool. I know that only leaders and medicine cats go there, but we need to know if Silverpaw actually belongs here." Brightstar said.

"She does! I already know that!" growled Graypaw when he came up and stood next to Brightstar. "She has shown her loyalties lie here and she is learning our ways. What more do you want?"

"Relax Graypaw. It is up to Starclan if she may stay or not. If they don't visit us, then we will wait for the gathering and Thunderclan's medicine cats will take a second journey there." Brightstar said before going to sit vigil next to Lionclaw.

Silverpaw walked over to Foxfur. "Thank you for what you did back there."

"You're a clan cat now. I have watched you, you try to do things even if you know you will fail. You have reminded me of my young days." purred Foxfur. "I used to be very brave and energetic like you."

"Foxfur? Why are you being so nice to this kittypet?" asked Blackpaw. Foxfur's gaze turned to stone. He turned on his apprentice.

"Blackpaw, I don't want to here you call her that. She is no kittypet, she is a Thunderclan apprentice. Yes I understood that she is not forest-born, but haven't you noticed how she has been doing? Kittypets would have fled by now." Foxfur growled.

"You've change your mind about her?" purred Icetail. "I thought you were going to give her the cold shoulder as long as she was in the clan. Blackpaw you shouldn't judge by where a cat is born. She is like any of us here."

"I don't want you to be hostile to her Blackpaw, she is one of us now." Foxfur put in. "Now make yourself useful and clean the elder's den. Then later bring Silverpaw a piece of freshkill.

"Fine." hissed the black apprentice. Blackpaw stalked of to the elder's den to clean out the bedding.

"Silverpaw I think you should get to sleep, you will be busy tomorrow. With the travel to the silverpool, you will be tired when we get back." advised Mudpelt as he walked over to her with Stormpaw flanking him. "Stormpaw you can go back to the apprentices den, your wounds aren't serious." Then he walked back towards the medicine den.

"Icetail I want you and Foxfur to join me on a border patrol." Swiftclaw said as he walked up to the group of cats.

Silverpaw nodded and turned from the group of cats and walked to the apprentices den. She was tired. She fell asleep at once when she got into her bed. "Mousestar! Are you here?"

"No, he will not see you till you go to the silverpool." said a gray she-cat. "I will be with you for a moment tonight."

"Who are you?" asked Silverpaw. "Why are you visiting me?"

"I am Springpelt. I am Graypaw's, Firepaw's, and Spottedpaw's mother. I am Mousestar's mate. Now follow me." Springpelt said before running off into the darkness. Silverpaw ran after her, they went a few fox-lengths, then she lost sight of Springpelt.

Silverpaw sniffed for Springpelt's scent, but she couldn't find it. Then she caught a familiar scent. It was Lionclaw's! "Lionclaw! Where are you? I am sorry! Please I need to see you! I wish I got back sooner with help!"

"Don't fret little one. I am here, it is not your fault about what happened. I came to see you tonight to tell Brightstar that I made it safely to Starclan. I will always be with you Silverpaw. Don't ever think you're alone. Even when you get a new mentor I will be there helping you. Now rest and soon we will meet again soon." Lionclaw said before vanishing into the darkness. Once again Silverpaw was alone. Then she smelled freshkill and she her eyes blinked open.

"Are you just going to sleep?" growled Blackpaw. He dropped a mouse at Silverpaw's feet. "Here."

"Thank you Blackpaw." she said before taking a bite of her prey. Then Blackpaw snorted and retreated from the den. Graypaw's scent hit her scent glands and the she saw him come into the apprentices den.

"Graypaw!" Silverpaw meowed quickly remembering her dream.

"What is it Silverpaw?" Graypaw asked as he was settling down in his nest.

"I had a dream. I was in Starclan's hunting grounds. Then out of nowhere Springpelt came to me." Silverpaw meowed excitedly to Graypaw. Graypaw's eyes grew wide.

"How where you able to talk to my mother?" asked Graypaw.

"She came to me in my dream. She told me Mousestar will visit me at the silverpool." Silverpaw explained.

"Even my father?" Graypaw asked surprise in his voice.

"Ya, Lionclaw was there." Silverpaw said happily.

"Wow Lionclaw made it to Starclan safely. I am glad, you should tell Brightstar all this." Graypaw said with a yawn.

"Well I thought I would wait till tomorrow when we leave for the journey to the silverpool." Silverpaw explained her plans.

"It takes forever to get to the silverpool. It takes a whole day." Graypaw added.

"Alright well I'll see you when I get back then. Night Graypaw." Silverpaw said before laying her head down and falling asleep. This time she dreamed of hunting mice, but she missed every single one she chased. Then Lionclaw showed up.

"You stalk prey like this." Lionclaw said and got into a hunting crouch. "Then walk slowly to the prey. Make sure your scent is not going in the direction of the prey. The prey your hunting, well in this situation it is a mouse. The mouse will scent you and run away. So keep downwind of the mouse. Then keep walking slowly until the mouse is close enough to pounce on. Then pounce like this and you've got to put a killing blow to your prey. Bite it on the back of its throat or hit it hard with your paw. Now you try it."

Silverpaw got into a hunting crouch and looked up at Lionclaw to make sure she was alright. He shook his head. "Put your tail a little off the ground and put your weight on your back haunches." Lionclaw explained. Silverpaw started over and looked up at Lionclaw again to see if she had it right this

time. He nodded, Silverpaw sniffed the air and heard a rustle under a tree root. She checked the direction the wind was going, then she crept slowly forward. She jumped and killed the mouse with one quick blow to the neck.

"Good Silverpaw!" praised Lionclaw. "Now keep practicing that and you will be better in no time."

"Don't worry I will Lionclaw." Silverpaw said and watched Lionclaw fade into the darkness.

"Silverpaw! Wake up it is time for Blackpaw's warrior ceremony." Graypaw announced. Silverpaw lifted her head and yawned. "Are you just going to sleep the day away?"

Silverpaw got up and shook herself awake. "No I was just having a great dream. So Blackpaw passed his assessment?"

"Ya." growled Graypaw. "At least now we don't have to hear him complaining anymore. Silverpaw purred and followed Graypaw out into the clearing.

"Clan cats that are old enough to catch their own prey gather under the highstone for a clan meeting." Brightstar yowled. "It is time for Blackpaw to become a warrior. He has proven that he is ready to become a warrior of Thunderclan. Now Blackpaw do you promise to continue to uphold the warrior code and to be loyal to your clan and to defend you clanmates even at the cost of your own life?"

"I will." Blackpaw promised. Brownfur and Foxfur looked proudly at him.

"Then I say your warrior name in the eyes of Starclan and to have them approve my decision, Blackpaw from now on you will be called Blackfrost." Brightstar announced. Blackpaw went over to Brightstar and licked her shoulder.

"Blackfrost!" yowled Foxfur and Brownfur.

"Blackfrost! Blackfrost!" chanted the clan.

"You will sit vigil tonight Blackfrost. Now it is time for me and my group to leave to the Silverpool." Brightstar said before jumping off of the highstone. She headed over to Silverpaw. "Are you ready Silverpaw?"

"Yes, but can Graypaw come please?" asked Silverpaw.

Brightstar looked thoughtful. "Yes." then with a wave of her tail they were off. Silverpaw walked over to Brightstar and walked side-by-side with her.

"Brightstar?" Silverpaw stammered.

"Yes?" Brightstar asked.

"Last night I had another dream…" She started.

Brightstar said "What happened?"

"Springpelt and Lionclaw visited me. Lionclaw told me to tell you he made the journey safely." Silverpaw announced.
Heres chapter 3, I do plan to fix up the story someday and make it more accurate, since I wrote this 3 years ago.

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