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July 6, 2011
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Chapter 4

"I see, even Springpelt has an interest in you." purred Brightstar. "Now, what did they tell you?" her curiosity sparking through her fur.

"Lionclaw told me no matter what, he will always be my mentor. Springpelt led me to Lionclaw; she told me Mousestar will visit me here tonight." She finished.

Brightstar's gaze was warm, "Well, that's just like Lionclaw. He never stops helping his clan." Silverpaw gazed down at the ground. "What's the matter?"

"Who will be my mentor now?" She asked.

"I think now that Foxfur has no apprentice, he can mentor you." Brightstar answered. Silverpaw looked up at Brightstar.

"Do you think he has changed his feelings toward me?" she asked warily.

Brightstar gave her a knowing look "Of course he has, it takes time to show them who you are and where your heart belongs, like he said kittypets don't last long in the forest. You have proven in just a few days that he was wrong."

"I know that...but would it be against the warrior code if I visited a kittypet?" Silverpaw blurted out.

Brightstar gave her a suspicious look and warily said "Of course it is, if you are, it is being disloyal to your clan." Silverpaw nodded and slowed her pace and flanked Graypaw.

"How was it?" asked Graypaw.

"She was glad that they visited me." Silverpaw said.

"Well we are only a quarter way there. Soon we will be seeing the medicine cats from other clans." Spottedpaw said.

"You all travel together?" asked Graypaw.

"Yes." Spottedpaw mewed.

"Good now I can tell Ferncloud that Windclan better watch their tails!" hissed Graypaw.

"No you won't! You will be quiet!" Brightstar hissed, overhearing. "We will talk to her and ask why they are being hostile."

"Fine." mumbled Graypaw. Silverpaw rubbed against him. Graypaw relaxed,they padded in silence. A familiar scent hit Silverpaw's nose. The smell of Windclan was very strong. Then she saw a she-cat walking slowly towards them.

"Hey Ferncloud." meowed Mudpelt.

"What are all of them doing here?" Ferncloud asked.

"We need to get messages from Starclan for our new apprentice." Brightstar explained.

"New apprentice?" she asked as her gaze flickered back and forth, over the cats gathered.

"Yes, she has come and joined Thunderclan." Mudpelt told her.
"Joined? That means you broke the warrior code! What is she a loner, a rogue, or a kittypet?" she asked curiously and defiantly.

"We did. She is a strong kittypet. She is very loyal. Now let's get off the subject. Why is Windclan being so hostile?" Brightstar said.

"Hostile? We have not been hostile. Thunderclan has been hostile. Our patrol came home bleeding because one of your patrols attacked them." Ferncloud told Brightstar defiantly.

"We did not attack, your patrol did. Lionclaw and Mistypelt were showing Silverpaw and Stormpaw our territory when they attacked them. Lionclaw was the only one who didn't come back to camp. Blackfang made sure that Lionclaw wouldn't ever return to the camp alive." Brightstar explained with her voice shaking.

"Lionclaw was a loyal cat" Ferncloud said sadly while jumping over a dead tree.

"Something has to be done" Brightstar said. "Ferncloud I will tell everyone at the gathering about what happened."

Ferncloud went wide eyed. "Why then? In front of all the clans?"

"When will it be a better time? Also I have to tell everyone about Lionclaw. He had so many friends out there in all the clans." Brightstar told her.

Ferncloud dipped her head in respect. "Fine, I cannot stop you, but it will enrage Windclan."

"I know, but it has to be done." Brightstar said.

Silverpaw walked over to Ferncloud and dipped her head in greeting. "Hi I am Silverpaw."

"Maybe you do belong in Thunderclan." Ferncloud said. "Apparently someone doesn't want you to leave." She waved her tail toward Graypaw. Silverpaw nodded in agreement. She dipped her head and walked back over to Graypaw. She sighed.

"Don't worry Silverpaw." Graypaw said comfortingly. "Starclan has already visited you in your dreams. So isn't that enough proof that you belong?"

"I know." said Silverpaw. Then a new scent hit Silverpaw's scent glands. It smelled like fish and the other one smelled like a strange swampy smell.

"Here comes Riverclan's and Shadowclan's medicine cats." Mudpelt announced. He turned to Silverpaw. "That gray tom there is Longheart, he is from Shadowclan. Now that brown tom next to him is Toadfoot, he is from Riverclan." Mudpelt dipped his head in greeting to the two medicine cats as they approached.

"Got a full party I can see." teased Longheart.

"Thunderclan got a new apprentice." Ferncloud said coolly.

"Ah, an outsider." Toadfoot said turning to Silverpaw. How did he know it was her? Then Longheart nodded in agreement.

"This is Silverpaw. She is very brave and loyal." Brightstar announced.

"Then she will be a great Thunderclan warrior." Longheart said. Brightstar and Toadfoot nodded in agreement.

They got to the Silverpool, Silverpaw noticed it was dusk now, Silverpaw's and Graypaw's eyes grew wide at the beautiful pool of water. With the moon hitting it. Then all the cats gathered around it. "Now Graypaw lay down next to Silverpaw. Silverpaw lay down here and drink from the Silverpool." Mudpelt commanded. They did what they were told and all of a sudden everything around Silverpaw dissolved and a dark forest came into sight.

"Hello! Is anyone here?" Silverpaw yowled. Then she heard a whisper.

"You have come at last. We have been waiting for you." a strange tom announced as he came into view. "Follow." Then he started to walk off into the darkness. Silverpaw jumped up and followed him into the darkness. Then it got bright and tons of starry eyes were fixed on her. "This is Starclan." He said waving his tail toward the starry warriors.

A tom walked out of the bundle of starry warriors. "Starclan have talked about the warrior code and allowing you into Thunderclan. You have been loyal, brave and have made friends in Thunderclan." Silverpaw recognized the tom, it was Lionclaw.

Then a she-cat walked into the clearing and sat next to Lionclaw. "Yes you have shown your loyalty to your clan. I also think you deserve to join Thunderclan." It was Springpelt who spoke, Silverpaw noticed.

Then Silverpaw noticed Mousestar weave his way to stand next to Lionclaw and Springpelt. A tom followed close behind him. "Silverpaw I have talked it over with Thunderstar and he has agreed with me, our decision was to allow you to join Thunderclan."

The tom spoke. "Yes what Mousestar has told me is something I would have never thought a kittypet could do. From now on you will be known as a full apprentice, until you get your warrior name, and the kittypet roots you once had, they are replaced with Thunderclan blood."

Silverpaw's eyes grew wide with shock. "Thank you Starclan!" then an idea came into her head. "So I am now a full apprentice of Thunderclan. So does that mean I can't visit my kittypet friend?"

Thunderstar looked at her with understanding. "No, you are no more a kittypet; you will never be able to talk to that kittypet. If you do how will we tell where you loyalty lies?" Silverpaw bowed her head in shame.

"I understand." Silverpaw said at last. Starclan started to vanish and she was left in the darkness.

Then she heard a whisper. "Wind will be fierce and Thunder will be fiercer. A battle is on its way, Wind and Thunder will fight in battle, all this can be avoided, Silver will find a way to stop the battle." Then it vanished. She her eyes open and noticed that everyone else was starting to wake up.

"Brightstar?" she started.

"Yes Silverpaw. Did you get accepted?" Brightstar asked.

"Yes they have accepted me as a full apprentice of Thunderclan. Though when they faded someone whispered to me." All the cats looked at her.

"Go on, it must be a prophecy." Mudpelt said. "We must know, does it concern any of the other clans?"

"I think… it said 'Wind will be fierce and Thunder will be fiercer. A battle is on its way, Wind and Thunder will fight in battle, all this can be avoided, Silver will find a way to stop the battle.' What does it mean?" She asked.

Mudpelt started to think. "Wind and Thunder. It must be Windclan and Thunderclan. Windclan has been hostile. So it must be Silverpaw that's in the prophecy."

Brightstar nodded in agreement and added. "Yes you must be the one to stop the battle that is to come." Silverpaw looked down at her paws. "For now we will try to figure out the prophecy, until then we will continue to believe that it is Silverpaw." Brightstar lead the Thunderclan cats back to camp. She turned to Silverpaw and Graypaw "Now go get some sleep."

Graypaw lead them to their nests and they lay down next to each other. "I'm glad you're staying Silverpaw." Graypaw said with a yawn. Silverpaw nodded as she drifted off.

Lionclaw appeared next to Silverpaw "Tonight you must sleep, tomorrow will be busy."

"Do you know what the prophecy means?" Silverpaw asked quickly.

Lionclaw looked at her and shook his head "It is up to you and your clan to figure it out." Silverpaw looked down at her paws and nodded. Lionclaw started to fade and Silverpaw felt someone jab her in the side.

"Are you going to sleep the day away?" teased Graypaw. "Brightstar told me to get you." Silverpaw stood up and stretched. She walked over to Brightstar's den.

"Brightstar, you wanted me?" Silverpaw asked.

Brightstar nodded and waved her tail for Silverpaw to sit. Silverpaw sat next to her. "Now you need a new mentor. I have thought of having Foxfur take over, we already talked about it on our way to the Silverpool. Silverpaw nodded. "Alright let's go, I want you to go tell Foxfur." Silverpaw stood up and headed over to the freshkill pile and looked for Foxfur.

Foxfur was picking a vole out of the pile. "Foxfur Brightstar told me to tell you that you will be my new mentor." As she finished Brightstar jumped onto the Highstone.

"Clan cats that are old enough to catch their own prey gather under the Highstone for a clan meeting." Brightstar yowled. "It is time for Foxfur to have an apprentice; Silverpaw is without a mentor after Lionclaw's death." Brightstar paused and watched the clan grieve for Lionclaw. "Now Foxfur step forward. Silverpaw from now on Foxfur will be your mentor." Silverpaw touched noses with Foxfur and everyone started to cheer. Brightstar jumped down from Highstone and walked over to Brownfur. "It is time for you to head into the nursery Brownfur. Don't worry about Squirrelpaw, she is almost ready to become a warrior, she will be mentored by Icetail for now. He can handle both apprentices."

Brownfur nodded in approval "Finally you realized she was ready."

Brightstar purred and nodded "You have trained her well." Brownfur walked over to the freshkill pile and grabbed a pigeon and walked into the nursery.

"Swiftclaw, gather some cats for the gathering." Brightstar ordered. Swiftclaw bowed his head and went over to the warriors den. "Icetail, Mistypelt, Goldenpelt, and Puddlejumper get ready for the gathering." He walked over to the apprentices den "Shadowpaw and Squirrelpaw, get ready for the gathering." Then he walked over to Silverpaw and Graypaw. "Don't worry; everyone gets a chance to go to a gathering." Then he turned away and headed over to Brightstar.
I do plan to fix up the story someday and make it more accurate, since I wrote this 3 years ago.

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